SMS Short Code Service

Contactall Tech Intl provide SMS Short Code Service, also known as short numbers; is a 5 digit number on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. All incoming sms, to the short code can be made available with full details to the customer.

Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services. Messages sent to short code can be billed at a higher rate than a standard SMS and may even subscribe a customer to a reoccurring monthly service that will be added to their mobile phone bill until they text e.g. the word "STOP" to terminate the service.

Short codes have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easy to remember. Combined with pull sms, marketing campaign can be automated, personalized and analyzed. Large reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration. like: text BIZ space contactallSMS space your firstname and lastname to 35815. or Get your caller’s dancing to these tunes! For low waist by maleke, txt 011322 to 35815


If you choose to use your own shared short code, we help you every step of the way from setup to certification. It usually takes from 3 to 10 business days to get your own shared short code set up. you keep all the 100% profit  ,meaning you have nothing to share with any body.


Shared Short Code Pricing


Description Basic
Setup costs


Monthly Charges

N5,000 per month/ Now Removed


 *Set Up Between 3-10 business days*
*Revenue Paid Straight To Your Account*

Dedicated Short Code Pricing


Description Basic
Setup costs


Monthly Charges

N150,000 per month


 Shared Short Code: has a one-time setup fee of N100,000.00 and this
includes the First Month Access fee. Subsequent Monthly Access Fee has been removed. Shared Short Code
takes 2 business days to setup.

NOTE: You can also purchase additional keywords  with varying Tariff Fees
for additional N50,000.00 each.

Dedicated Short Code: has a setup fee of N1,000,000.00 and a Monthly Access
fee of N150,000 (Total of N1,150,000.00). Subsequent monthly fee is
N150,000.00 payable directly to us. It takes 2Months to complete setup.
And the benefit of this dedicated code is that you have access to
unlimited keywords.

Revenue Payment Cycle

Payment is made directly to your account details filled in the contract certificate every 60 days provided you have a minimum of 5000 responses [Newly Achieved]. At the time of payment you will be notified or you can contact your account manager. For every 60-days payment cycle, your accumulated revenue must be more a minimum of 5000 Responses for you to receive a cheque or a wire transfer. If accumulated revenue is below 5000 Responses, then you have to wait for the next payment cycle.


Gross Payout (in N/sms excl. VAT)

With respect to the regulation, the available tariff bands and gross payout table is subjected to change from time to time without prior notice.




















N 8




N 6





As a fellow infopreneur, marketer, advertiser, promoter, etc. You will agree with me that the "well of knowledge" you are about to access is worth more than the price above. Of which early subscribers of our short code got theirs . Here and now, I am giving it specially to you.

If you still delay, then you will pay highier few days from now.

If you don’t rush now and ask for a set up, I sincerely cannot guarantee you will even get it this cheap again anywhere.

To ensure you don't miss out

Text "SET UP MY SHORTCODE" to 08064153866 and then hurry to our bank to make deposit into our bank account.

you can get our bank details from the pricing/payment page


Note: We do not make refund for a shortcode that is already processed on in progress. This is because a certain percentage is paid to the respective authorities for the set up of a shortcode while the leftover is the profit for