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Using Bulk SMS in Nigeria for Online Business

Bulk SMS in Nigeria does not only have positive impacts on off-line businesses. Online businesses also require the use of bulk SMS in Nigeria to promote online businesses. In fact, I can say that online based businesses need bulk SMS in Nigeria most and I can see bulk SMS in Nigeria as a necessary advertising tool for online based businesses.

Use of bulk SMS in Nigeria will help online business owners to easily drive traffic to their website and this will automatically increase their patronage. The most effective and reliable way of driving traffic to your website is through bulk SMS in Nigeria. Most of the recipients of bulk SMS in Nigeria and other parts of the world don't delete text messages that are meant to give certain benefit or offer.

Using bulk SMS in Nigeria will surely take your online business to the next level. Not all online businesses will survive the test of time in Nigeria but your own online business will survive the test of time if you use bulk SMS in Nigeria.


Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria

How To Send Bulk SMS on Any Bulk SMS Website

This article is written to give detailed information and serve as a guide for those who want to learn how to send bulk SMS on any form of bulk SMS website.

I have received so many messages and telephone calls from people who are curious to really understand the way they can also be sending a single text message to numerous recipients (hundreds, thousands or millions of people) with just a click. Is it not interesting? I strongly believe that your answer to my question is "Yes". Yes indeed!

Bulk SMS has become irresistible tool for communication purposes in Nigeria and other countries across the globe. Bulk SMS service gives you opportunity to spend less on every page of text message and also enables you to customize your sender identification (Sender ID).

First and foremost, I want to explain the major fields that are required to send bulk SMS. Generally, bulk SMS websites have the following required fields to be filled to send bulk SMS.

1) Sender ID: This represents what the recipient(s) see on their respective phones when your bulk SMS text message is delivered to their phones. You can use your personal name or your company name or your usual GSM number as sender ID but whatever you use as sender ID must not be longer than 11 characters.

2) Recipient Box: This is where you type in or paste your recipients' telephone numbers which you want to send bulk SMS to. If you are sending SMS to more than a single recipient, you must use "COMMA" to separate the numbers or put each recipient's number on a separate line.

3) Message Box: This is where you type or paste the exact message which you want to send to your recipients.


Please note that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not Joomla friendly. Therefore, make sure that you type both recipients' numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box.

The following steps are required to send bulk SMS:

1) Register a free bulk SMS user account on any bulk SMS portal of your choice (registration is absolutely free on all the bulk SMS portals in the world).

2) Log on to your newly created bulk SMS user account with your username and password.

3) Make use of the free SMS in your newly created account to test that very bulk SMS portal. A very fast and reliable bulk SMS portal will deliver your text message in less than 5 seconds or less than 30 seconds if the recipients are up to thousands.

4) Once you conclude on the bulk SMS portal to use, the next thing is to buy bulk SMS in volume which depends on the quantity needed.

5) Login to your bulk SMS account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on "COMPOSE MESSAGE" or "COMPOSE SMS" depending on the bulk SMS portal which you are using. In addition, if you login to your bulk SMS account on some of the bulk SMS portals, you will see COMPOSE SMS page as the default page which you will see immediately after a success login.

6) Enter the sender ID which must not be longer than 11 characters. Also type in or paste the  recipients number(s) in the space for recipients. The next thing to do here is to compose the message which you want to send to your recipients.

7) The final step to take is to click on "SEND" and the message will be delivered to all your recipients within few seconds.


How To Build A Successful Bulk SMS Business

SUMMARY: Bulk SMS business is one of the great ways of making cool money. In this article, you will learn secrets about bulk SMS business and why it is so easy to make cool money from bulk SMS business.

What I like most in bulk SMS business is that I can be in my room and still be making money. I can travel to anywhere and still be making money. I make money everyday from my bulk SMS business. It is amazing. You too can make your bulk SMS business real fun as you make more money using the secrets revealed in this article. I will explain all the information you need to define your own bulk SMS business model and make profit with ease. If you are just about to start bulk SMS business, I encourage you to do so quickly before it will be too late. This article contains all the secrets that highly successful bulk SMS website owners know and make use of.

The cost of Bulk SMS website designing is usually between N9,500 and N35,000. You too can also have other bulk SMS website owners to resale your bulk SMS. The more bulk SMS website owners you build, the more bulk SMS you sell. These bulk SMS website owners would bring in more customers indirectly into your business and save you huge cost on advertisement.

In addition, you can use bulk SMS resell model to expand and get more customers faster than you can imagine. For instance, if you have 100 bulk SMS users on your own bulk SMS website and I have just 10 bulk SMS website owners to resell my bulk SMS, I have advantage of making more money regularly than you. As a bulk SMS website owner, you have to focus more on building bulk SMS website owners than building end users.

How to Handle Competition in Bulk SMS Business
There are competitors out there but it shouldn't be a problem if you know what to do. The major challenge of most of the bulk SMS website owners is lack of a system. You must know that anything that works is based on a system. You must have your own system of running bulk SMS business. I have developed and used one of the best bulk SMS systems in the world. Your system defines your customers, prices and marketing. When you have all these setup like an autopilot, then competitors will be afraid of you. You can crush any competitor because many of them just jumped into bulk SMS business without a defined system.

A system is your understanding of how bulk SMS business should work best. Your system should show you who your customers are, where they are and how best to serve them. With a well-defined system, you will not have a competitor to crush.

A good system would have worked successfully before others may consider copying it. The time they are waiting to see you succeed gives you enough time to build your business to withstand competition. If your competitors are those who are just coming up, then you really don't have competitors.

Sometimes you may even think that your competitors are doing very well more than you. I have heard most bulk SMS website owners complained about some other bulk SMS website owners' services. They said their prices are better and their websites are easier to use. How did you know? Is it because you used it and it is easy for you? Does it mean that others find it easier too? Before you start condemning your own service, try and find out what the competitors are saying about you. Most of the so called competitors are new in bulk SMS business and probably don't really know how the business works. Don't ever make a mistake of being desperate. Rather, stick to your bulk SMS business model.

Most bulk SMS website owners would get frustrated earlier in the business and that is why I'm not afraid of new competitors. They are new and they don't know the best way to enter the market. They are only puffed up by their seemingly good calculations. I can imagine them calculating that if they sell 1 million bulk SMS this month at N1 profit, it would be N1 million profit. It sounds great but the question is how are they going to do it. How are you going to sell 1 million bulk SMS this month? I know they don't have answers to those questions. Therefore, I don't bother about them when they get frustrated and start selling at a lower price.

How To Hit 100,000 Bulk SMS Monthly As A New Bulk SMS Website Owner
If you are new in bulk SMS business, you could be scared to think of selling 100,000 bulk SMS within the first 3 months but it is possible. Selling 100,000 bulk SMS within the first 3 months is even more possible now than you think. You can use my strategy that helped me when I started as a beginner. I first had a simple target of selling 10,000 bulk SMS. This may seem small if you consider the profit you can make from it but I want you to forget about profit. Bulk SMS profit is volume driven. To get it, you must have volume. It would be a wrong move to start thinking of profit. I will advise you to think of volume. If you have the volume you will necessarily make profit by default.

After you have set your target of 10,000 bulk SMS, consider the bulk SMS business model you are using. I recommend direct marketing to friends, church members, family members, colleagues at work, etc. Where to find a good list of target customers to send text message advert about your bulk SMS business to is in your own phone-book. This should be your first advert. Wait for response. Try to send a reminder text message after 3 days.

Keep record of those people you have told about your new bulk SMS business. The more the number grows, the more responses you will get. Your first 10,000 bulk SMS sales should happen in your first week or month. Your target for the second month should be 100,000 bulk SMS. This time, try other advertisement sources like newspaper. I recommend adverts in papers that have your target customers. I hope you developed your own system. This is when to use your own system. Let it guide you and make you remain focused.

If you use your business model strictly, you will hit the 100,000 bulk SMS sales in your second month. If you don't make it in the second month, no problem. Do it again next month. It means you are closer to it. Also address your customers complaints that are real but don't get carried away by complaints on cheap prices from competitors. Customers always want cheap prices, so they would always complain about price. Stay within the average price range, but I strongly recommend you consult your bulk SMS business model.

What successful bulk SMS Millionaires are doing that you should know and do:
Many bulk SMS businesses never make it to the profit lane because of what I want to share with you here. Successful bulk SMS Millionaires define who their target customers are and they just approach them. In the bulk SMS market, there are different types of customers. Those who use bulk SMS and those who use bulk SMS service. Those who use bulk SMS are low volume customers. They just use bulk SMS because it's cheaper than their regular phone rates. They are the type of customers that use 100 to 500 bulk SMS volume monthly. If you focus on this kind of customers, you would require huge customer base to sell good volume. This kind of customer has its own advantages. The other category is those who use bulk SMS service, and they are those whose business and/or daily/weekly/monthly activities depend on bulk SMS service to thrive. Examples are businesses/organizations, churches, mosques, banks, etc.

Imagine if your customers are those whose businesses depend on bulk SMS service to thrive! You will have regular customers that will keep your bulk SMS business profitable at all times. If your customers are those whose businesses do not depend on bulk SMS to thrive, the opposite is the case. It's better you choose who your customers are carefully. Stick to your business model and you will begin to see results.

Let's even be more practical. If you have customers that buy just 1,000 bulk SMS each, you will need 1,000 customers to sell 1 million bulk SMS. If your customers are those who buy 5,000 bulk SMS each, you will need 200 customers to sell 1 million bulk SMS. If your customers are those who buy 10,000 bulk SMS each, you will need 100 customers to sell 1 million bulk SMS. If your customers are those who buy 100,000 bulk SMS each, you will need 10 customers to sell 1 million bulk SMS. If your customers are those who buy 1 million bulk SMS each, you will need just 1 customer to sell 1 million bulk SMS.

Imagine you have 100 bulk SMS customers that buy at least 5,000 bulk SMS on average per month. That's a total of 500,000 bulk SMS monthly. If a competitor who has not sold its first 10,000 bulk SMS comes with lower price, what would you do? The answer on many people's mind will be to lower theirs too, not so. What you need to do is to look at the market and see if there is a need for such lower price and what is the resultant effects on your bottom line. If it's not feasible, simply ignore it and rather offer bonuses to your customers to cushion any effect. Remember, you are most likely to be the one that knows that such competitor exist. Your customers might not even know.

Now my question is which customer would you rather have? Then go for them. Don't bother about those who are asking for this and that. Just know who your customers are and what they want.

Three (3) important bulk SMS marketing SECRETS that has been TESTED & PROVEN by highly successful bulk SMS resellers that will explode you into the millionaires circle in just 120 days:

These 3 secrets are target customers, the right platform and the right massage. If you want your bulk SMS business to be profitable, you must understand these 3 marketing secrets and use them well.

1) Who are they?
2) Where can you find them?
3) What do they want to hear?

If you put these three things together you will always win in bulk SMS business. It's your target customers that would define the platform and the message. Don't just advertise on any platform or draft advert message without a knowledge of the target customer.

If your customers are students for example, it helps you to know where they are, in school and what they would like to hear. Students would always like to hear the words cheap and free. So, for you to successfully market to them you must take your business to their schools, and your message should either have cheap or free, or both. That means you would either have something free to offer them or you create a cheap offer to win their patronage.

My advice to you is to avoid being unnecessarily hasty. Bulk SMS business is a residual business. So you need time to build its residual nature. It might take years to build. If you can't wait its better you quit now. Take it one step at a time. You will get there if only you know how. Please forget the time it might take you, the important thing is that you will get there.

In addition, my advice to you is to be focused on building your customer base. Set your target and work towards it gradually. Imagine if you can win one new customer per day. In one month you would have gotten 30 new customers, if you do that in 90 days that's about 90 customers. However, it's not really as easy as that. However, use it as your guide.


Sales of bulk SMS in Nigeria

Sales of bulk SMS is the major task in bulk SMS business. You need to be able to think very well on your own and apply wisdom. So many factors are associated to the sales that you make in bulk SMS business and these factors have to do with your bulk SMS gateway quality of service, your bulk SMS pricing system, bulk SMS target market, your bulk SMS short and long term motives.

You need to be technically skillful to be successful in bulk SMS business. You have to be the originator of your bulk SMS advertising strategies and bulk SMS promotional strategies which you will develop to build a system for your bulk SMS business. Thousands of bulk SMS websites are designed everyday and thousands of bulk SMS reseller website owners are quitting bulk SMS business everyday because the competition is just too keen and most resellers don't have a system being used in running their bulk SMS business.

Please don't bother to start bulk SMS business if your plan is to start making six (6) figures net profit per month from your bulk SMS business within the first 3 - 6 months just like big boys in bulk SMS business in Nigeria. Most of them started making six (6) figures net profit per month after about 18 - 24 months from this bulk SMS business. Your own could be faster than theirs or it could be longer than theirs. However, you need to understand that bulk SMS business generates residual income. Therefore, bulk SMS business requires serious smart efforts to push bulk SMS and consistency also matters.

I wish you best of luck in your proposed bulk SMS business.



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